240 F.2d 350: James R. Weaver, Plaintiff-appellant, v. the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Defendant-appellee

United States Court of Appeals Second Circuit. - 240 F.2d 350

Argued January 9, 1957 Decided January 22, 1957

Appeal from the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York; William B. Herlands, Judge.

James R. Weaver appeals from a summary judgment for The Pennsylvania Railroad Company in his action for damages for his discharge from defendant's employment pursuant to a decision of the System Board of Adjustment set up under the collective bargaining agreement between plaintiff's union and defendant. Affirmed.

Bennett E. Aron, Brooklyn, N. Y., for plaintiff-appellant.

Donald H. Balleisen, of Conboy, Hewitt, O'Brien & Boardman, New York City, for defendant-appellee.

Before CLARK, Chief Judge, and LUMBARD and WATERMAN, Circuit Judges.



Affirmed on the opinion of District Judge Herlands, D.C.S.D.N.Y., 141 F. Supp. 214.