Connecticut Supreme Court Decisions 2011

Case Docket Date
Summary Saleh v. Ribeiro Trucking, LLCSC1851512/27/11
Summary State v. BellSC1871512/27/11
Summary O'Connor v. Med-Center Home Health Care, Inc.SC1838212/13/11
Summary RMS Residential Properties, LLC v. MillerSC1874612/13/11
Summary Bridgeport Harbour Place I, LLC v. GanimSC1829012/13/11
Summary State v. RizzoSC1752711/29/11
Summary State v. Maurice M.SC1845411/29/11
Summary Murtha v. City of HartfordSC1875111/29/11
State v. Rizzo (Concurrence)SC1752711/29/11
State v. Rizzo (Dissent)SC1752711/29/11
State v. Maurice M. (Dissent)SC1845411/29/11
Summary Yeager v. AlvarezSC1851311/22/11
Summary Voris v. MolinaroSC1843511/22/11
Summary State v. GibsonSC1840211/22/11
Summary State v. CoccomoSC1844311/22/11
Summary Roohr v. CromwellSC1820311/22/11
Summary Brymer v. ClintonSC1820211/22/11
Voris v. Molinaro (Concurrence)SC1843511/22/11
Voris v. Molinaro (Dissent)SC1843511/22/11
State v. Coccomo (Dissent)SC1844311/22/11
State v. Coccomo (Dissent)SC1844311/22/11
State v. Coccomo (Dissent)SC1844311/22/11
Summary Johnson v. Conn. Ins. Guar. Ass'nSC1871211/08/11
Summary Zimnoch v. Planning & Zoning Comm'n SC1851111/01/11
Summary O'Connor v. LarocqueSC1864811/01/11
Summary State v. McElveenSC1852211/01/11
O'Connor v. Larocque (Dissent)SC1864811/01/11
Summary Sawicki v. New Britain Gen. Hosp.SC1847910/25/11
Summary Conn. Podiatric Med. Ass'n v. Health Net of Conn., Inc. SC1826710/18/11
Summary Am. Diamond Exch., Inc. v. AlpertSC18666,
Connecticut Podiatric Medical Assn. v. Health Net of Connecticut, Inc. (Dissent)SC1826710/18/11
Summary Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Conn. v. GaussSC1871910/11/11
Summary Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Conn. v. GaussSC1871810/11/11
Feinberg v. FeinbergSC1841410/11/11
Summary McBurney v. PaquinSC18345,
Summary State v. PapandreaSC1861609/13/11
Summary State v. GonzalezSC1807009/06/11
State v. Gonzalez  (Concurring)SC1807009/06/11
Summary Comm'n on Human Rights & Opportunities ex rel. Arnold v. ForvilSC1850008/30/11
Summary State v. FieldsSC1845708/30/11
Summary Franklin v. Superior CastingSC1850108/30/11
Summary State v. WinfreySC1871608/23/11
Summary State v. KomisarjevskySC1879708/23/11
Summary Comm'n on Human Rights & Opportunities v. Litchfield Housing Auth.SC1848708/23/11
State v. Komisarjevsky (Concurrence)SC1879708/23/11
Summary Goodspeed Airport, L.L.C. v. East HaddamSC1848808/16/11
Summary State v. DiazSC1794908/16/11
Summary Metro. Prop. & Cas. Ins. Co. v. Deere & Co.SC1834108/16/11
Summary Taylor v. Conservation Comm'nSC1842608/16/11
Summary State v. BaptisteSC1849708/16/11
State v. Diaz (Concurrence)SC1794908/16/11
State v. Baptiste  (Concurring)SC1849708/16/11
Summary Ethics Comm'n v. Freedom of Info. Comm'nSC1860108/09/11
Summary State v. Elias G.SC1857808/09/11
Summary State v. RyderSC1841108/09/11
Ethics Commission v. Freedom of Information Commission (Concurrence)SC1860108/09/11
State v. Ryder  (Dissenting)SC1841108/09/11
State v. Ryder  (Dissenting)SC1841108/09/11
Summary State v. StephensSC1870208/02/11
Summary Mayfield v. Goshen Volunteer Fire Co.SC1837808/02/11
Summary Dayner v. Archdiocese of HartfordSC1846808/02/11
Summary State v. Thomas W.SC1849608/02/11
State v. Thomas W.  (Dissenting)SC1849608/02/11
Summary State v. TaboneSC1858107/26/11
Summary State v. PolancoSC1870107/26/11
Summary Ham v. Comm'r of CorrectionSC1853007/26/11
Summary Gould v. Comm'r of CorrectionSC1873207/19/11
Summary Watts v. ChittendenSC1847407/19/11
Summary State v. Silas S.SC1852907/19/11
Summary State v. SheriffSC1829307/19/11
Summary State v. PenaSC1871707/19/11
Summary State v. JohnsonSC1870307/19/11
Summary Farrell v. Twenty-First Century Ins. Co.SC1854407/19/11
Summary State v. LenarzSC1856107/19/11
Gould v. Commissioner of Correction (Concurrence)SC1873207/19/11
Watts v. Chittenden (Dissent)SC1847407/19/11
State v. Lenarz  (Dissenting)SC1856107/19/11
Summary Town of Southbury v. GonyeaSC1852407/12/11
Summary Morgan v. Hartford Hosp.SC1846907/12/11
Summary State v. BrabhamSC1870407/12/11
Summary Dougan v. DouganSC1841007/05/11
Dougan v. Dougan  (Concurring)SC1841007/05/11
Ostroski v. Commissioner of CorrectionSC1860007/05/11
Summary Housatonic R.R. Co. v. Comm'r of Revenue Servs.SC1868606/28/11
Summary Comm'r of Pub. Safety v. Freedom of Info. Comm'nSC1861706/28/11
Summary In re Joseph W.SC1866006/28/11
Housatonic Railroad Co. v. Commissioner of Revenue Services (Dissent)SC1868506/28/11
Commissioner of Public Safety v. Freedom of Information Commission (Concurrence)SC1861706/28/11
Summary State v. LongSC1828206/21/11
Summary Ventres v. Goodspeed Airport, L.L.C.SC1826006/14/11
Summary State v. Victor O.SC1798306/07/11
Summary State v. David N.J.SC1868606/07/11
Summary Coe, et al. v. Board of EducationSC1843306/07/11
Summary State v. TarascoSC1831005/31/11
State v. Tarasco  (Concurring)SC1831005/31/11
Summary Rapoport v. Zoning Board of AppealsSC1843905/24/11
Markley v. Dept. of Public Utility ControlSC1875005/24/11
Riddick v. Commissioner of CorrectionSC1839405/24/11
State v. FloresSC1859205/24/11
Summary Singhaviroj v. Board of Education of the Town of Fairfield, et al.SC1860405/17/11
Summary FCM Group, Inc. v. MillerSC1807405/10/11
Summary State v. Jamar D.SC1827705/10/11
Summary State v. B.B.SC1848105/10/11
State v. B.B.  (Concurring)SC1848105/10/11
Summary Nyenhuis v. Metropolitan District CommissionSC1859004/26/11
Summary Motzer v. HaberliSC1864904/26/11
Summary Bedrick v. BedrickSC1856804/26/11
Summary HVT, Inc. v. LawSC1829604/19/11
Summary Connecticut v. Mark R.SC1859304/19/11
Summary In re Samantha S.SC1862804/19/11
Summary Connecticut Motor Cars v. Commissioner of Motor VehiclesSC1865004/19/11
Summary Burton v. Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc.SC1860304/19/11
Summary Alexandre v. Commissioner of Revenue ServicesSC1841704/19/11
Piteau v. Board of EducationSC1835104/19/11
HVT, Inc. v. Law  (Dissenting)SC1829604/19/11
Castonguay v. Commissioner of CorrectionSC1859904/19/11
Summary Levine v. Town of SterlingSC1847004/12/11
State v. Bacon Construction Co.SC1836004/05/11
In re Lukas K.SC1862604/05/11
In re Johnson R.SC1863804/05/11
State v. GonzalezSC1868704/05/11
Lash v. Freedom of Information CommissionSC1846104/05/11
Pham v. StarkowskiSC1858204/05/11
Summary Keane v. FischettiSC18377,
Shortell v. CavanaghSC1843403/15/11
Lighthouse Landings, Inc. v. Connecticut Light & Power Co.  (Dissenting)SC1797603/08/11
Connecticut National Bank v. Rehab AssociatesSC18597,
Lighthouse Landings, Inc. v. Connecticut Light & Power Co.SC1797603/08/11
Caminis v. TroySC1833503/01/11
In re Jaime S.SC1862903/01/11
Tzovolos v. WisemanSC1856902/22/11
Harbour Pointe, LLC v. Harbour Landing Condominium Assn., Inc.SC18566,
Harbour Pointe, LLC v. Harbour Landing Condominium Assn., Inc.  (Dissenting)SC18566,
Sosin v. SosinSC1823802/22/11
State v. FernandesSC1844902/15/11
State v. Fernandes  (Dissenting)SC1844902/15/11
McCoy v. Commissioner of Public SafetySC1854502/15/11
McCoy v. Commissioner of Public Safety  (Dissenting)SC1854502/15/11
DiGiovanna v. St. GeorgeSC1762402/08/11
DiGiovanna v. St. George  (Dissenting)SC1762402/08/11
DiGiovanna v. St. George  (Dissenting)SC1762402/08/11
Burbank v. Board of EducationSC1859102/08/11
Bennett v. New Milford Hospital, Inc.SC1850202/08/11
Plante v. Charlotte Hungerford HospitalSC18573,
Raftopol v. RameySC1848202/01/11
Raftopol v. Ramey  (Concurring)SC1848202/01/11
Luurtsema v. Commissioner of CorrectionSC1838302/01/11
Luurtsema v. Commissioner of Correction  (Concurring)SC1838302/01/11
Luurtsema v. Commissioner of Correction  (Concurring)SC1838302/01/11
Luurtsema v. Commissioner of Correction  (Concurring)SC1838302/01/11
St. Paul Travelers Cos. v. KuehlSC1838702/01/11
Wilton Meadows Ltd. Partnership v. CoratoloSC1857102/01/11
Burbank v. Board of EducationSC1859102/01/11
State v. KitchensSC1842101/25/11
State v. Kitchens  (Concurring)SC1842101/25/11
State v. Kitchens  (Concurring)SC1842101/25/11
State v. AkandeSC1832501/25/11
State v. Akande  (Dissenting)SC1832501/25/11
State v. Akande  (Dissenting)SC1832501/25/11
State v. CollinsSC1829701/25/11
State v. Collins  (Dissenting)SC1829701/25/11
State v. BrownSC1789101/25/11
State v. Brown  (Concurring)SC1789101/25/11
State v. Brown  (Concurring)SC1789101/25/11
State v. MungrooSC1833601/25/11
State v. Mungroo  (Dissenting)SC1833601/25/11
State v. Mungroo  (Dissenting)SC1833601/25/11
State v. EdwardsSC1856201/18/11
State v. Edwards  (Concurring)SC1856201/18/11
Statewide Grievance Committee v. BurtonSC1860201/04/11

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