Colorado Supreme Court Decisions 2009

Case Date
Board of County Commissioners v. Hygiene Fire Protection District09SC6812/14/09
People v. Gutierrez09SA6912/14/09
Wolf Ranch, LLC v. The City of Colorado Springs08SC107312/14/09
People v. Wittrein08SC58812/14/09
Curious Theatre Company v. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment08SC35112/14/09
Concerning the Application for Water Rights of Well Augmentation Subdistrict of the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District and South Platte Well Users Association in Adams, Morgan, and Weld Counties08SA22412/14/09
Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District and San Juan Water Conservancy District v. Trout Unlimited. Conditional Water Right08SA35411/23/09
Moffett v. Life Care Centers of America. Health Care Availability Act08SC51011/16/09
Bd. Of County Com'rs of County of Rio Blanco v. ExxonMobil Oil Corporation08SC69811/09/09
In Re People v. Nichelson. Waiver of Preliminary Hearing09SA18211/09/09
Cotton Creek Circles v. Rio Grande Water Conservation Dist08SA31210/19/09
Lobato v. State08SC18510/19/09
Currier v. Sutherland08SC58710/19/09
Bd. of County Comm'rs of County of Adams v. Colo. Dept. of Pub. Health & Env't07SC977,
B.B. & C. Partnership v. Edelweiss Condominium Association08SC38410/13/09
American Family Mutual Insurance Co. v. Ed DeWitt and Sarah Elaine DeWitt08SC30810/13/09
In the Matter of the Title, Ballot Title, and Submission Clause For 2009-2010, #22, 23, and 2409SA165,
People of the State of Colorado v. Kalum Darrel Brown Criminal Law09SA10010/13/09
Eddie's Leaf Spring Shop and Towing LLC v. Public Utilities Commission08SA35910/13/09
The People of the State of Colorado v. Edward Sandoval09SA11710/13/09
Krutsinger v. People08SC37810/13/09
In Re A.H09SA2209/14/09
People v. Valenzuela08SC41809/14/09
Bert Lewis v. The People of the State of Colorado08SC16106/29/09
Pinkstaff v. Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc., and Baldwin Hardware Corporation09SA1906/29/09
People v. Ealum09SA7106/29/09
People v. Guatney08SC2006/29/09
Miles v. Fleming08SC38306/29/09
People of the State of Colorado v. Anselmo Bonilla-Barraza. Suppression09SA606/22/09
Yusem v. People08SC52606/22/09
DeSantis v. Simon. Board of Medical Examiners08SA32106/22/09
Dubois v. People08SC3406/08/09
Union Pacific v. Martin07SC91306/08/09
City of Aurora v. ACJ Partnership08SA22206/01/09
Catholic Health Initiatives Colorado v. City of Pueblo07SC90506/01/09
People v. Summers08SA16905/26/09
Berry v. Keltner09SA505/26/09
Farrar v. People07SC98305/26/09
Validity of Miranda Waiver08SA35305/18/09
Jenkins v. Panama Canal Ry. Co08SC12205/18/09
Land Title Ins. Corp. v. Ameriquest Mortgage Co07SC93705/11/09
Farmers Ins. Exch. v. Benzing07SC48304/27/09
Fierro v. People07SC78804/27/09
Vance v. Wolfe07SA29304/20/09
Huber v. Kenna07SC65704/20/09
Carmichael v. People07SC47804/13/09
Brenda Sperry v. Sherry Field08SC43804/13/09
Authority of Judges07SC81203/30/09
People v. Shari08SA38303/30/09
Mesa County Bd. of County Comm'rs v. State of Colorado08SA21603/16/09
Copper Mountain, Inc. v. Industrial Systems, Inc. Waiver of Claims for Property Damage08SC2803/16/09
Krueger v. Ary08SC6303/16/09
Concerning the Application for Water Rights of Mark A. Cornelius in Huerfano County08SA8303/02/09
The North Sterling Irrigation District v. Simpson08SA2903/02/09
Roberts v. People07SC43003/02/09
People v. Hankins. Self-Incrimination08SA34302/23/09
People v. Perez08SA13002/23/09
Jesse Joe Kaufman v. The People of the State of Colorado07SC7002/17/09
In the Matter of Robert Scott Fisher07SA38302/09/09
Platt v. People07SC57302/09/09
Archuleta v. Gomez. Adverse Possession08SA10901/20/09
People v. Martinez08SA31701/20/09
USAA v. Parker07SC52401/20/09
People v. Greenlee08SC1001/20/09
Right to Counsel08SA17001/12/09
Colorado Mining Association v. Board of County Commissioners of Summit County. Mined Land Reclamation Act07SC49701/12/09
Denny Construction v. City and County of Denver07SC23601/12/09

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