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Colorado v. McKimmy
Date: October 27, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 76
Docket Number: 13SC702

Justia Opinion Summary: In September 2007, Respondent Michael McKimmy was arrested for new offenses while on parole and was incarcerated. Respondent was charged in two separate cases, with second-degree burglary, theft, identity theft, and a ha...

Justus v. Colorado Public Employee's Retirement Association Pension Plan
Date: October 20, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 75
Docket Number: 12SC906

Justia Opinion Summary: To address economic conditions and projections demonstrating a severely underfunded plan, the Colorado General Assembly approved measured designed to protect present and future retirees by providing an adequately pension...

Simpson v. Cedar Springs Hosp., Inc.
Date: October 14, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 73
Docket Number: 13SA124

Justia Opinion Summary: Respondent-plaintiff Scott Simpson sought to obtain meeting minutes from two Cedar Springs Hospital quality management committees in his medical malpractice case. Cedar Springs refused to produce these documents, arguing...

Colorado v. Sotelo
Date: October 14, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 74
Docket Number: 14SA71

Justia Opinion Summary: A state trooper pulled over the defendant while she was driving a rental car that she was not authorized to drive. While impounding the car at rental company’s request, the trooper who stopped her discovered three suspic...

Colorado v. Vaughn
Date: September 22, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 71
Docket Number: 14SA70

Justia Opinion Summary: A police officer observed a traffic violation. Upon stopping the car, the officer discovered that the driver, defendant Christopher Vaughn, was driving under a suspended license. The officer decided to arrest defendant,...

Colorado v. Liggett
Date: September 22, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 72
Docket Number: 14SA88

Justia Opinion Summary: A police officer stopped the vehicle defendant Ari Liggett was driving, and upon asking dispatch to scan the license plate, determined that it was associated with both a missing person (defendant's mother) and an armed-a...

In re Colorado v. Hoskins
Date: September 8, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 70
Docket Number: 13SA245

Justia Opinion Summary: Petitioners Conley Hoskins and Jane Medicals, LLC, sought to vacate a trial court's order disqualifying the Peters Mair Wilcox (PMW) law firm as their counsel. The trial court disqualified the firm on the grounds that th...

In re Colorado v. Owens
Date: August 18, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 58M
Docket Number: 13SA91

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendants Sir Mario Owens and Robert Ray petitioned the Colorado Supreme Court for relief from a series of discovery rulings by the district court relative to post-conviction proceedings in their respective death-penalt...

Sanchez v. Colorado
Date: June 30, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 56
Docket Number: 11SC215

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant-petitioner Ricardo Sanchez appealed his conviction for first degree murder, arguing, inter alia, the trial court erred in denying his motion to suppress statements he made to New Mexico police shortly after his...

Martin v. Colorado
Date: June 30, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 68
Docket Number: 11SC455

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant Lori Martin shot her husband in the back of the head, killing him, following a dispute about her moving to another state with the couple's daughter. Martin was charged with first-degree murder and two crimes of...

Department of Revenue v. Public Service Co.
Date: June 30, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 59
Docket Number: 11SC759

Justia Opinion Summary: Public Service Company of Colorado applied for a tax refund from the state Department of Revenue. The company argued that it was entitled to a refund because it paid taxes when it was actually eligible for an exemption....

Gibbons v. Colorado
Date: June 30, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 67
Docket Number: 11SC792

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant Terrence Gibbons was charged with theft by receiving and perjury for claiming ownership over a stolen jet ski and trailer, and having signed temporary permits. At trial, his defense was that he did not know the...

Benefield v. Colorado Republican Party
Date: June 30, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 57
Docket Number: 11SC935

Justia Opinion Summary: Petitioner and State Representative Debbie Benefield, and other current or former members of the Colorado House of Representatives, appealed the court of appeals' judgment which reversed the district court's order denyin...

Colorado v. Carbajal
Date: June 30, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 60
Docket Number: 12SC235

Justia Opinion Summary: A search of respondent Joddy Carbajal's home led to the discovery of three firearms. Respondent had been previously convicted of a felony, and was charged with three counts of possession of a weapon by a previous offende...

Fain v. Colorado
Date: June 30, 2014
Citation: 2014 CO 69
Docket Number: 12SC46

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant Aaron Fain was charged with six counts of attempted murder, attempted first degree murder after deliberation and attempted first degree extreme indifference murder. He was also charged with drunk driving, crimi...

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