11 Cal. 4th California Supreme Court Cases

Case Citation
Waller v. Truck Ins. Exchange, Inc. (1995)11 Cal. 4th 1
State of Cal. ex rel. State Lands Com. v. Superior Court (Lovelace) (1995)11 Cal. 4th 50
Freeman & Mills, Inc. v. Belcher Oil Co. (1995)11 Cal. 4th 85
People v. Jones (1995)11 Cal. 4th 118
Smiley v. Citibank (1995)11 Cal. 4th 138
In re Morse (1995)11 Cal. 4th 184
Santa Clara County Local Transportation Authority v. Guardino (1995)11 Cal. 4th 220
Trope v. Katz (1995)11 Cal. 4th 274
Doan v. Commission on Judicial Performance (1995)11 Cal. 4th 294
California Fed. Savings & Loan Assn. v. City of Los Angeles (1995)11 Cal. 4th 342
People v. Glaser (1995)11 Cal. 4th 354
Penna v. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (1995)11 Cal. 4th 376
People v. Kobrin (1995)11 Cal. 4th 416
People v. Martinez (1995)11 Cal. 4th 434
Scott v. Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (1995)11 Cal. 4th 454
People v. Sanders (1995)11 Cal. 4th 475
People v. Estrada (1995)11 Cal. 4th 568
Adams v. Paul (1995)11 Cal. 4th 583
Kopp v. Fair Pol. Practices Com. (1995)11 Cal. 4th 607
People v. Medina (1995)11 Cal. 4th 694
People v. Memro (1995)11 Cal. 4th 786
People v. Padilla (1995)11 Cal. 4th 891
In re Menna (1995)11 Cal. 4th 975
Farmers Ins. Group v. County of Santa Clara (1995)11 Cal. 4th 992
Quintano v. Mercury Casualty Co. (1995)11 Cal. 4th 1049
People v. Horton (1995)11 Cal. 4th 1068
Anderson v. Superior Court (1995)11 Cal. 4th 1152
People v. Davenport (1995)11 Cal. 4th 1171
Amwest Surety Ins. Co. v. Wilson (1995)11 Cal. 4th 1243

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