69 Cal. 2d California Supreme Court Cases

Case Citation
Ogle v. Heim69 Cal. 2d 7
Miller v. Superior Court69 Cal. 2d 14
Trafton v. Youngblood69 Cal. 2d 17
Pacific Gas & E. Co. v. G. W. Thomas Drayage etc. Co.69 Cal. 2d 33
People v. Baker69 Cal. 2d 44
People v. Marshall69 Cal. 2d 51
Huntley v. Public Util. Com.69 Cal. 2d 67
Mason v. Lyl Productions69 Cal. 2d 79
Bernstein v. Committee of Bar Examiners69 Cal. 2d 90
Rowland v. Christian69 Cal. 2d 108
People v. Bassett69 Cal. 2d 122
People v. Wrigley69 Cal. 2d 149
Ralphs Grocery Co. v. Reimel69 Cal. 2d 172
People v. Russel69 Cal. 2d 187
Estate of Russell69 Cal. 2d 200
De Cruz v. Reid69 Cal. 2d 217
People v. Haston69 Cal. 2d 233
People v. Cavanaugh69 Cal. 2d 262
U. S. Leasing Corp. v. duPont69 Cal. 2d 275
Estate of Stewart69 Cal. 2d 296
Chicago Title Ins. Co. v. Great Western Financial Corp.69 Cal. 2d 305
Bellus v. City of Eureka69 Cal. 2d 336
Harvey v. Davis69 Cal. 2d 362
Kugler v. Yocum69 Cal. 2d 371
Le Febvre v. Workmen's Comp. App. Bd.69 Cal. 2d 386
In re Yutze69 Cal. 2d 389
In re Gullatt69 Cal. 2d 395
Granado v. Workmen's Comp. App. Bd.69 Cal. 2d 399
McAllister v. Workmen's Comp. App. Bd.69 Cal. 2d 408
Meier v. Ross General Hospital69 Cal. 2d 420
Lundberg v. Workmen's Comp. App. Bd.69 Cal. 2d 436
Maloney v. Rath69 Cal. 2d 442
Clark v. Dziabas69 Cal. 2d 449
Woodcock v. Fontana Scaffolding & Equip. Co.69 Cal. 2d 452
Templeton Feed & Grain v. Ralston Purina Co.69 Cal. 2d 461
Dillenbeck v. City of Los Angeles69 Cal. 2d 472
In re Harris69 Cal. 2d 486
People v. Superior Court69 Cal. 2d 491
McDonnell Douglas Corp. v. Franchise Tax Bd.69 Cal. 2d 506
In re Mugica69 Cal. 2d 516
Delta Dynamics, Inc. v. Arioto69 Cal. 2d 525
People ex rel. S. F. Bay etc. Com. v. Town of Emeryville69 Cal. 2d 533
People v. Hill69 Cal. 2d 550
Chambers v. Workmen's Comp. App. Bd.69 Cal. 2d 556
In re Giannini69 Cal. 2d 563
Atlantic Oil Co. v. County of Los Angeles69 Cal. 2d 585
In re Anderson69 Cal. 2d 613
People v. Moore69 Cal. 2d 674
Morris v. Zuckerman69 Cal. 2d 686
Musicians Union, Local No. 6 v. Superior Court69 Cal. 2d 695
Consolidated Theatres, Inc. v. Theatrical Stage Employees Union69 Cal. 2d 713
People v. McDowell69 Cal. 2d 737
People v. White69 Cal. 2d 751
People v. Chacon69 Cal. 2d 765
Johnson v. State of California69 Cal. 2d 782
Sawyer v. State Farm Fire & Cas. Co.69 Cal. 2d 801
Smith v. Workmen's Comp. App. Bd.69 Cal. 2d 814
County of Riverside v. Superior Court69 Cal. 2d 828
Ingram v. Justice Court69 Cal. 2d 832
In re Olden69 Cal. 2d 845
Connor v. Great Western Sav. & Loan Assn.69 Cal. 2d 850
Morgan v. Reasor Corp.69 Cal. 2d 881
In re Culver69 Cal. 2d 898
People v. Delles69 Cal. 2d 906

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