Arkansas Supreme Court Decisions 1999

Case Date
Elizabeth Gammon Brown v. Arkansas Department of Correction, and Larry Norris, Director, and Doe Defendants Nos. 1 - 598-101212/16/99
Sedric Maurice Simpson v. State of ArkansasCR98-42312/16/99
Waymon Derrall Holbert v. Arkansas County Circuit Court; The Honorable Russell Rogers, Arkansas County Circuit Judge, Arkansas County, Arkansas. Petition for Writ of Prohibition. Petition Denied. Corbin, J., concurs. (6 PAGES PUBLISHED) [HTML, WP5.1]CR99-88612/16/99
Jimmy White v. Georgia-Pacific Corporation, on Petition for Review99-64712/16/99
McCoy v. State12/16/99
McArty v. Judicial Discipline & Disability Comm'n12/16/99
Joseph Dean, Earnest Simes, Geraldine Davis, Clausey Myton, and Arlanda Jacobs v. Honorable Randall L. Williams, Gene Schieffler and Arnell Willis, Individually and as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Helena-West Helena-Phillips County Port Authority, and Turk Corder, Individually, and the Helena-West Helena-Phillips County Port Authority99-136412/10/99
Dick Barclay, Director, Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration v. Farm Credit Services et al.99-143212/10/99
Charlsie Johnson Luttrell and Lois Pruitt v. City of Conway and Arkansas State Highway Commission99-64412/09/99
William Mashburn v. Meeker Sharkey Financial Group, Inc. d/b/a Kurmin Marine Insurance Agency and Margaret Sadowski99-58312/09/99
State of Washington v. William Gordon Thompson99-61212/09/99
Ronnie D. Ford, Individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Ernie C. Ford, Deceased, and Terry G. Ford v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company, Internal Medicine Associates, P.A., Surgical Clinic of Northeast Arkansas, P.A., and Dr. Scott M. Kelly99-58712/09/99
Andrew Neely, Jr. v. State of ArkansasCR99-38612/09/99
Walter MacKintrush v. State of ArkansasCR99-95212/09/99
Curtis Ashlock v. State of ArkansasCR99-97212/09/99
Tidwell v. Bryant12/09/99
White v. State12/09/99
Snyder v. State12/09/99
John Lee Huddleston v. State of ArkansasCR99-68212/02/99
R. S. McCullough v. State of Arkansas99-31412/02/99
Larry Kellar v. Fayetteville Police Department99-51712/02/99
Jerry Rainey and James Harton v. James Hartness, in His Individual Capacity as Wildlife Officer for Grant County99-52912/02/99
Emma Reeves v. State of ArkansasCR98-87212/02/99
Bruce Edward Leaks v. State of ArkansasCR99-62412/02/99
Wayne and Sylvia Fraley, Individually and on Behalf of Others Similarly Situated v. Williams Ford Tractor and Equipment Company99-23512/02/99
American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas, Inc. v. State of Arkansas99-33512/02/99
Camden Community Development Corporation v. Mary Jo Sutton et al.99-25812/02/99
Dick Barclay, Director, Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration et al. v. Dan Melton et al.99-37612/02/99
John Mark McDole v. State of ArkansasCR99-33212/02/99
Sawyer v. State12/02/99
Joseph Dean, Earnest Simes, Geraldine Davis, Clausey Myton, and Arlanda Jacobs, Petitioners, v. Hon. Randall L. Williams, Circuit Court of Phillips County, Respondent. Writ of Certiorari Granted; Stay Issued. (3 PAGES PUBLISHED). [HTML, WP5.1]99-135311/22/99
Durwood King v. Sam Whitfield, Marion Hickey, Dennis Littleton, Carolyn Doster, and The Phillips County Election Commission99-35911/18/99
Curtis Jason Green v. The Honorable William Pickens Mills, White County Circuit Judge, Paul W. Howell and Lori Howell, on Petition for Writ of Prohibition99-42011/18/99
Gerald Dean Fowler v. State of ArkansasCR99-80211/18/99
Roy Allen Skelton v. Kathy Diane Skelton99-15211/18/99
Terrick Terrell Nooner v. State of ArkansasCR98-57711/18/99
Kay Dobie v. Larry R. Rogers and Elizabeth H. Snipan99-53111/18/99
Patricia Osburn et al. v. Bryan Busbee d/b/a Busbee Construction99-109711/18/99
Eric Randall Nance v. State of ArkansasCR99-36511/18/99
Continental Express, Inc., and Gibralter National Insurance Company v. Marty Freeman, on Petition for Review99-40611/11/99
Gerlinda Martin and Earl E. Martin v. James Arthur, M.D. et al.99-30211/11/99
Wayne Spears, Individually and as Parent, Guardian and Next Friend of Minor Child, Reuben Spears, and as Parent and Administrator of the Estate of Rebekah L. Spears and Reuben Spears v. Barbara Spears99-47711/11/99
Gregory R. Larimore v. State of ArkansasCR99-51311/11/99
Donald R. Frazier v. State of ArkansasCR99-34011/11/99
Ernest Meister v. Safety Kleen99-31811/04/99
Howard Dean v. State of ArkansasCR98-149811/04/99
Shawn O'Brien v. State of ArkansasCR98-92111/04/99
Committee on Professional Conduct v. Timothy D. Williams (Arkansas Bar ID #75140)99-42611/04/99
Bobby D. Weaver v. State of ArkansasCR98-3311/04/99
Adrian Juergen Zawodniak v. State of ArkansasCR99-59410/28/99
William S. Warren, Jr. and Rebecca K. Warren v. Douglas Wayne Kelso d/b/a The Kelso Firm et al.98-154010/28/99
Central & Southern Companies, Inc. v. Richard A. Weiss, Director, Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration98-40710/28/99
Tulsi K. Bharodia et al. v. Norman Pledger and Linda Pledger99-68110/28/99
Kathryn Ann Myrick v. Richard Dale Myrick99-24710/21/99
John E. Lord and Sue F. Lord v. O. B. Mazzanti et al.99-16310/21/99
Clarence U. Smith v. Credit Service Company99-27510/21/99
Corey Roshan Harris v. State of ArkansasCR99-59310/21/99
S. Baker Fullerton v. John McCord99-30610/21/99
Dinzel Earl Norman v. State of ArkansasCR98-58210/21/99
Arthur Rash and Shirley Rash v. Honorable Donald R. Huffman, Judge99-106210/21/99
James Slack v. State of ArkansasCR99-80910/21/99
National Bank of Commerce et al. v. The Dow Chemical Company et al.98-114810/14/99
Eric Alan Hamel v. State of ArkansasCR98-2310/14/99
Arkansas State Medical Board v. Scott A. Schoen, D.D.S. and Arkansas State Board of Dental Examiners98-130910/14/99
State of Arkansas v. Mike J. JonesCR99-35210/14/99
Henry Eugene Bush v. State of ArkansasCR99-35510/14/99
Sylvester Richards v. State of ArkansasCR99-71710/14/99
Michael Grine v. Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas99-1810/14/99
Jack Gordon Greene v. State of ArkansasCR96-278,
Patricia Osburn et al. v. Bryan Busbee d/b/a Busbee Construction99-109710/14/99
Roger Allen Hammon v. State of ArkansasCR98-52510/07/99
Shirley McCoy v. Nettie Moore99-93910/07/99
James Windsor v. State of ArkansasCR99-20710/07/99
Robert Earl Blackwell v. State of ArkansasCR98-45610/07/99
Cliff Biedenharn, Earl Oxford, and Dan Melton v. Bobby Hogue98-146310/07/99
Jimmy Don Wooten v. State of ArkansasCR98-7310/07/99
Crawford & Lewis v. Boatmen's Trust Company of Arkansas, Inc. et al.98-152010/07/99
Roderick Leshun Rankin v. State of ArkansasCR99-9710/07/99
Stewart v. StateCR99-72-809/30/99
Bruce Earl Ward v. State of Arkansas98-952,
Stephanie Deeanna Moon (Hamilton) v. David Marquez99-20109/30/99
David M. Walston v. Karen R. Walston, now Simer99-80809/30/99
James Slack v. State of ArkansasCR99-80909/30/99
Mary Kay, Inc. a/k/a Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. v. Janet Isbell98-48909/23/99
State of Arkansas v. Dewayne Dee DillardCR99-22509/23/99
Janet Isbell v. Mary Kay Cosmetics a/k/a Mary Kay, Inc.98-109909/23/99
Hayward Cleveland v. Lee Frazier, Director, Department of Human Services98-143609/23/99
James T. McFarland v. Mark Lindsey, Judge, West Fork Municipal CourtCR98-141909/23/99
Kelly Patrick Mills v. State of ArkansasCR98-89409/23/99
In Re: Robert Fuller Meurer (Arkansas Bar Id #85108). Second amended petition of the Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct and its executive director for citation of Robert Fuller Meurer for contempt of the Arkansas Supreme Court and for other relief. Finding of contempt. Referred to Committee on Professional Conduct.99-42709/23/99
David Pardue v. State of Arkansas99-84109/23/99
Marilyn Smith and Derrel Smith v. Phillip Smith, Administrator of the Estate of Mary K. Smith98-130609/16/99
Melvin Dulaney v. State of ArkansasCR98-4909/16/99
Derek Charles Coleman v. State of ArkansasCR98-22409/16/99
Arthur Rash and Shirley Rash, by Connie S. France, Guardian Ad Litem v. Honorable Donald R. Huffman. Petition for Writ of Certiorari and Stay--Stay Granted, and Motion to Expedite Granted. (2 PAGES PUBLISHED) [HTML, WP5.1]99-106209/16/99
Timothy Epps v. State of ArkansasCR99-86909/16/99
William Leroy Daniels v. State of ArkansasCR99-65409/09/99
James Avery Slack v. State of ArkansasCR99-80909/09/99
Kevin Franklin v. State of ArkansasCR99-96209/09/99
Tim A. Womack v. Phillip Foster99-95309/09/99
Sedric Maurice Simpson v. State of ArkansasCR98-42309/09/99
Corey Sanders v. State of ArkansasCR99-62809/09/99
Jacoby v. Arkansas Department of Education, Vocational and Technical Education Division.97-31007/27/99
Diana Jackson v. Dr. J. K. Buchman and J. K. Buchman, M.D., P.A.98-144507/22/99
In Re: Timothy D. Williams (Arkansas Bar ID #75140). Contempt Order. (10 PAGES PUBLISHED) [HTML, WP5.1]99-42607/22/99
Bill J. Ford, Bank Commissioner of Arkansas v. A. M. Keith99-13607/22/99
Andra Gaines v. State of Arkansas07/22/99
Fred S. Bendinger v. Marshalltown Trowell Company98-61107/15/99
Tim Leathers, Commissioner of Revenues et al. v. Gulf Rice Arkansas, Inc. and Gulf Pacific Rice Co., Inc.98-73707/15/99
Sam Weems v. Bill Garth et al.99-1007/15/99
Arkansas Department of Human Services; Division of Child Care & Early Childhood Education v. Sandra Hudson99-25607/15/99
Joey Miller v. State of Arkansas99-27707/15/99
Carol J. Hodges v. Governor Mike Huckabee et al.99-29507/15/99
Alan Willett v. State of ArkansasCR97-34107/15/99
Arkansas State Police Commission v. Rhodis Smith98-109607/08/99
Cleo Raynor and Jerome Raynor v. Dr. James Kyser99-2507/08/99
In Re: Robert Fuller Meurer (Arkansas Bar ID #85108). Appointment of master.99-42707/08/99
J. Stephen Warnock v. Ann Warnock (Laser)98-69807/08/99
Stacey Eugene Johnson v. State of ArkansasCR98-74307/08/99
Franklin David Chambers, M.D. v. Harold Patrick Stern, M.D.99-2007/08/99
Christopher A. Tinsley v. State of ArkansasCR99-15607/08/99
State of Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement v. Thornell Williams98-124007/08/99
Gould Pub. Schs. v. Dobbs99-6907/01/99
St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company v. Griffin Construction Company98-99007/01/99
Employers Surplus Insurance Company v. Murphy Oil USA, Inc.98-150507/01/99
State of Arkansas v. Farm Credit Services of Central Arkansas et al.98-151807/01/99
Cedric Harris v. State of ArkansasCR96-78207/01/99
William Leroy Daniels v. State of ArkansasCR99-65407/01/99
Gould Public Schools v. Gloria Dobbs99-6907/01/99
In Re: Timothy D. Williams (Arkansas Bar ID #75140) (1 PAGE PUBLISHED)[HTML, WP5.1]99-42606/25/99
Brian Patterson v. Steve Isom98-96906/24/99
Winston Bryant, Attorney General, and Larry Jegley, Prosecuting Attorney for Pulaski County, Sixth Judicial District v. Elena Picado, Randy McCain, Robin White, Bryan Manire, Vernon Stokay, Charlotte Downey, and George Townsand98-122306/24/99
James Neal, Director, Committee on Professional Conduct v. Perlesta Arthur Hollingsworth98-145606/24/99
Jeanne Baker, Maria Valencia, Tina Thomas and Mirtha Breslin, Individually, and on Behalf of All Other Arkansas Residents Similarly Situated v. Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories Division, a Division of American Home Products Corporation; American Home Products Corporation; Interneuron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; and A. H. Robins Company, Incorporated98-147906/24/99
John Slaughter v. State of ArkansasCR99-65506/24/99
In Re: Rules Governing Professional Conduct98-136906/24/99
Charles Laverne Singleton v. Larry Norris, Director, Arkansas Department of CorrectionCR98-21806/17/99
Western Foods, Inc. and Beverly Enterprises, Inc. v. Richard Weiss, Director of Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration; Tim Leathers, Commissioner of Revenue of the State of Arkansas; Floyd Villines, Pulaski County Judge; James Daily, Mayor of Little Rock; and Jimmie Lou Fisher, Treasurer of the State of Arkansas98-61206/17/99
Jason McGehee v. State of ArkansasCR98-51006/17/99
Antonio Williams, Kendrick Gillum, and Demarco T. Wilson v. State of ArkansasCR98-25606/17/99
Manila School District #15 v. Robert R. White99-3006/17/99
Tommy Phillips v. State of ArkansasCR99-9406/17/99
Charles Maas v. City of Mountain Home98-133706/17/99
Roger Don Farmer v. State of ArkansasCR99-62706/17/99
Corey Sanders v. State of ArkansasCR99-62806/17/99
Arkansas Department of Human Services, Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education v. Sandra Hudson, d/b/a Toddlers Inn Day Care99-25606/10/99
David McGrew v. State of ArkansasCR98-42606/10/99
Kimberly Anne Tadlock Bruner v. Charlie E. Tadlock and Loretta G. Tadlock99-806/10/99
New Maumelle Harbor, a/k/a Jolly Rogers Marina v. Mac Rochelle98-148506/10/99
State Auto Property and Casualty Insurance Company v. Larry and Drenda Swaim99-1706/10/99
The Travelers Insurance Company and Dan Ray v. Anna F. Smith, Roseann McKibben and Sue Ellen Smith98-43306/10/99
Carol Goforth, Mary Felber, Carl Sandrock, Don Lowrimore, Nina Lowrimore, Doyle Wright, Janet Feichtel-Wright, Bill Zemp and Lawayne Zemp v. Michael Smith, Judith Carol Smith and Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, Inc.98-149906/10/99
Citizens for a Safer Carroll County v. Billy Jean Epley, Linda Bristow, Susie Hutchinson, Klaus Kupfersberger, Bruce J. Matthews, Jeff Crockett and Quicker Liquor, Inc., Eric Wade Greer, Margaret Work, Virginia Ellis and Jack Harp99-15106/10/99
Marcel Wayne Williams v. State of ArkansasCR97-94906/10/99
Heath Kennedy v. State of ArkansasCR97-93106/10/99
Russell L. and Sally Kiker v. Honorable Robert W. McCorkindale II, Judge99-54406/10/99
Kingrale Collins v. State of ArkansasCR98-56306/03/99
Donald Malone v. Linda Malone98-83306/03/99
Ghegan & Ghegan, Inc., on Behalf of Itself and All Taxpayers Similarly Situated v. Richard Weiss, Director of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration98-131006/03/99
David Bruce Jones v. State of ArkansasCR99-32006/03/99
Saforo & Associates, Inc., GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc., and William Evans v. Porocel Corporation98-119305/27/99
Lorene Ellis v. Jean Price98-137805/27/99
Craig Suneson v. Holloway Construction Company et al.98-84605/27/99
Willie Wells III v. State of ArkansasCR98-90905/27/99
Jerry E. Smith v. Shana Benson Crumley Smith97-116505/27/99
Bill Rankin v. City of Fort Smith98-3705/27/99
Daniel Buchte v. State of Arkansas98-100205/27/99
In Re: Robert Fuller Meurer, (Arkansas Bar ID #85108)99-42705/27/99
Stacey Eugene Johnson v. State of ArkansasCR98-74305/27/99
Terry Fritts v. State of ArkansasCR99-51905/27/99
In Re: Rules Governing Professional Conduct.98-136905/21/99
Dane A. Blunt, Temporary Guardian of the Person and Estate of Dana Nacole Blunt, a minor v. Hon. Kathleen Bell, Probate Judge, and Jerry L. and Vallie J. Cartwright99-48205/20/99
Michael Henderson v. State of ArkansasCR99-605/20/99
John Holloway v. Ray White Lumber Company and Silvey Companies98-121705/20/99
Carolyn Shaw v. Alan Kres Shaw, Personal Representative of the Estate of Lloyd Kenneth Shaw, Deceased98-135905/20/99
Terrick Terrell Nooner v. State of ArkansasCR98-57705/20/99
James L. Kirby v. State of ArkansasCR98-144205/20/99
J. Stephen Warnock v. Ann Warnock (Laser)98-69805/20/99
Committee on Professional Conduct v. Timothy D. Williams99-42605/20/99
Phyllis Karen (Barrett) Hamilton v. Randall Ray Barrett98-153605/13/99
Brian Alan Hodges v. Jody Lamora, Myron Lamora, Gary Grimes, and Jim Rush99-4705/13/99
Mary Norton v. Nancy Sevier Pickard Hinson et al.99-6705/13/99
John Michael Singleton v. State of ArkansasCR99-2405/13/99
Russ Stockton v. Sentry Insurance, A Mutual Company98-141805/13/99
In the Matter of the Estate of J. I. Seay, Sr., Deceased; In the Matter of the Estate of Hilma R. Seay, Deceased; George L. Seay et al. v. Helen Quinn et al.99-53805/13/99
Dennis Dale Sublett v. State of ArkansasCR97-4905/06/99
Daniel J. Woodend v. Southland Racing Corporation99-6305/06/99
Benjamin S. McFarland v. State of ArkansasCR98-40405/06/99
Larron Clark McDaniel v. State of ArkansasCR99-16605/06/99
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Brenda VanWagner98-136405/06/99
William Nathan Martin v. State of ArkansasCR98-38705/06/99
Alan Willett v. State of ArkansasCR97-34105/06/99
Larica Wade v. Arkansas Department of Human Services98-53804/29/99
Alvin M. Ashley v. Kayoko Ashley98-60404/29/99
United States Fidelity & Guaranty Company et al. v. A & A Masonry, Inc.97-138804/29/99
Virginia Sue Price v. Charles Raymond Price99-36804/29/99
Kevin Williams v. State of ArkansasCR99-39904/29/99
Bobby Don Henry v. State of ArkansasCR98-56904/22/99
Garry Doty, Patricia Doty, Pearl Marie Roden, and James W. Roden v. Junaway Payne et al., Joan Cash, James Pagan, Vance McDaniel, Donna Pippinger and Carol Ann White98-123104/22/99
Joshua Sutter v. Mary Lou Sutter Payne and Cora Sue Sutter West98-102304/22/99
Boyce McQuay v. Arkansas State Board of Architects98-99504/22/99
Arkansas Department of Human Services v. Arkansas Health Care Association98-134204/22/99
Donald Ray Dawson v. Temps Plus, Inc., and Temps Plus, Inc. v. Donald Ray Dawson et al.98-86604/15/99
Bettie Katherine Shivey v. Kenneth Paul Shivey98-136604/15/99
James E. McDonald, II et al. v. Lamar Pettus98-97504/15/99
Doyle Massongill v. County of Scott, Arkansas et al.98-80704/15/99
Karriem Muhammad v. State of ArkansasCR99-3104/15/99
David Bruce Jones v. State of ArkansasCR99-32004/15/99
Merchants Bonding Company v. In the Matter of Rebecca Lynn Starkey98-11804/15/99
Kennith Elmore, Mayor et al. v. Sue Burke and Charles Chapman98-70404/15/99
Mark Lee Fulmer v. State of Arkansas98-120504/08/99
City of Dover v. A.G. Barton et al.98-90704/08/99
Roger Haase v. C. Wayne Starnes, M.D.98-148304/08/99
Gina George v. Jefferson Hospital Association, Inc. d/b/a Jefferson Regional Medical Center and St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company98-113404/08/99
Terry Jo Chatman v. State of Arkansas97-126904/08/99
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing and Old Republic Insurance Company v. Theodore Baker98-129003/25/99
Rafael Camargo v. State of ArkansasCR98-77203/25/99
Quality Fixtures, Inc. v. Multi-Purpose Facilities Board for Pulaski County, Arkansas; et al.98-83403/25/99
James Arthur, M.D. and Allan C. Gocio, M.D. v. Betty Jo Zearley and Herman Zearley98-15603/25/99
Keith Hudson v. Hon. Philip Purifoy, Judge, Chancery Court of Miller County, Arkansas99-3203/25/99
Springdale Winnelson Co. v. Alan Rakes and Al's Plumbing, Inc.98-127503/25/99
State of Arkansas v. James L. SheppardCR98-89103/18/99
Sunrise Enterprises, Inc., Kenny Cain, John Smith, and Doris Butler v. Mid-South Road Builders, Inc., and M. Gregory Jackson98-89803/18/99
Darrel Patrick Fouse v. State of ArkansasCR98-92803/18/99
Pam Jackson, Individually and as Administratrix of the Estate of James C. Jackson v. Cadillac Cowboy, Inc. d/b/a Sundowners Club, John Fontana, Billy Burns, Jr., and Regina Applegate98-57403/18/99
James Munhall v. State of Arkansas98-114003/18/99
Alice L. Walton v. David Lewis98-51203/18/99
Kara Kathleen Huffman, a minor, and William H. Huffman and Kathryn Huffman, Guardians of the Person of Jacob Auston Huffman, a minor v. John Nicholas Fisher98-131503/18/99
James Vernon McLennan v. State of ArkansasCR98-76003/18/99
In the Matter of $3,166,199, Arkansas Highway Police v. Crittenden County Prosecuting Attorney's Office; Brent Davis, Prosecuting Attorney for the Second Judicial District; and State of Arkansas, nominal plaintiff below98-95703/18/99
Albert Jarrett v. State of ArkansasCR98-83903/11/99
Andre Lamont Jackson v. State of ArkansasCR98-38603/11/99
Cathy McQuay et al. v. Randall Guntharp, M.D. et al.98-142803/11/99
Joe E. Looney, Jr. et al. v. Bill Looney98-71203/11/99
Paul Lovell v. James Beavers98-135703/11/99
Harry McDermott v. Rhonda McDermott98-116903/11/99
James Newberry et al. v. George S. Scruggs et al.98-137503/11/99
Eugene Issac Pitts v. State of ArkansasCR80-4003/11/99
D. B. Griffen Warehouse, Inc. v. Margaret Sanders97-157303/04/99
Maudie Baker v. Frozen Food Express Transport98-125403/04/99
John Alvin Lewis v. State of ArkansasCR98-69303/04/99
Lillian Yarbrough v. David Witty, Boone County Clerk et al.98-55203/04/99
Charles A. "Jack" Walls v. State of ArkansasCR98-52103/04/99
J. Stephen Warnock v. Ann Warnock (Laser)98-69803/04/99
Michelle Williams v. Prostaff Temporaries98-144303/04/99
Burlington Industries v. Alice Pickett98-139803/04/99
Home Mutual Fire Insurance Company v. Clinton Hampton99-13803/04/99
Rickey Lee Dillard v. Hon. Tom Keith, JudgeCR98-142403/04/99
Wally Grummer v. Ellen Cummings98-44002/25/99
Millard James Russey v. State of ArkansasCR98-38302/18/99
Scott Hamm v. Office of Child Support Enforcement98-22802/18/99
Michael Scott Campbell v. Bonnie Campbell98-128802/18/99
Danny Burns v. First National Bank of Eastern Arkansas98-71702/18/99
Nikki Zinger v. Jan Terrell, Individually and as Administratrix of the Estate of Linda Sue Holley, Deceased98-99802/18/99
The State Board of Workforce Education and Career Opportunities; and The Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission v. Miles King99-402/18/99
Mattie Allison v. Alvin Long et al.98-12602/18/99
Kenneth Thomas Trimble v. State of ArkansasCR97-76402/18/99
Charles Green v. State of ArkansasCR99-12602/18/99
State of Arkansas, Office of Child Support Enforcement, Pulaski County v. Joey A. Terry98-127902/11/99
Terry Jo Chatman v. State of Arkansas97-126902/11/99
Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest v. Melvin Mullinax and Jim Bottin Enterprises, Inc.98-38902/11/99
David Hale v. State of ArkansasCR98-91002/11/99
James M. Bohanan II v. State of ArkansasCR98-55102/11/99
Mary Kay, Inc. v. Janet Isbell, and 98-1099 Janet Isbell v. Mary Kay, Inc.98-48902/11/99
Steve Swanigan v. State of ArkansasCR98-87002/04/99
State of Arkansas ex rel. Winston Bryant, Attorney General v. R & A Investment Co., Inc. et al.98-19802/04/99
Arkansas Department of Human Services v. Estate of Jeremie Ferrel and Chastidy Ferrel98-126302/04/99
Ray Albert Hussey v. State of ArkansasCR99-6102/04/99
Cooper Communities, Inc. et al. v. The Circuit Court of Benton County et al., on Petition for Writ of Certiorari98-100401/28/99
Joe Buck E. Evans v. Harry Robinson Pontiac-Buick, Inc. et al.98-19101/28/99
Cardinal Freight Carriers, Inc. et al. v. J. B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. and J. B. Hunt Logistics, Inc.98-91701/28/99
Walter Don Mazepink and Janice Gail Schnitzlein v. State of ArkansasCR98-33001/28/99
Daron Ray Barnett v. State of Arkansas, on Petition for ReviewCR98-82601/28/99
Jeffrey L. Slaton v. Teresa A. Slaton98-115801/28/99
Robert Earl Tucker v. State of ArkansasCR98-68701/28/99
Richard Francis Barr III v. State of ArkansasCR98-32801/28/99
J. R. Nash v. Estate of Eddie Linn Swaffar98-42801/28/99
Dyrong Godbold v. State of ArkansasCR98-81201/28/99
Lela K. Phelps v. U.S. Life Credit Life Insurance Company98-44601/28/99
Tim D. Williams v. Kelly Lasley Martin and James R. Gill III97-122801/28/99
Cindy Reaves v. Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company of Arkansas, Inc., and Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company98-152801/28/99
D. B. Griffin Warehouse, Inc. v. Margaret Sanders, Individually and as Administratrix of the Estate of Charles Sanders, Deceased et al.97-157301/28/99
In the Matter of Arkansas Bar Applicant Charity Elmer99-5901/28/99
Kingrale Collins v. State of ArkansasCR98-56301/28/99
Jones v. State01/28/99
The Estate of Dennis R. Donley et al. v. Pace Industries et al.98-62601/21/99
Yell County Telephone Company v. Honorable Van B. Taylor, Chancellor, on Petition for Writ of Prohibition to Yell County Circuit Court, Northern District. Writ Denied. (3 PAGES PUBLISHED) [HTML, WP5.1]98-104101/21/99
State of Arkansas v. Circuit Court of Lincoln County, on Petition for Writ of Prohibition or, Alternatively, Writ of Certiorari to Lincoln County Circuit Court. Petition for Writ of Prohibition Granted. Imber and Smith, JJ., concur. (8 PAGES + 2 PAGES CONCUR PUBLISHED) [HTML, WP5.1]CR98-85501/21/99
Alton C. Hall et al. v. Jim Guy Tucker, Governor of Arkansas et al.98-15101/21/99
Night Clubs, Inc. v. Fort Smith Planning Commission et al.98-16501/21/99
Office of Child Support Enforcement v. Sandra L. (Fry) Eagle98-53201/14/99
Dugal Logging, Inc. et al. v. Arkansas Pulpwood Co., Inc.98-97301/14/99
Robert Harrold Kinkead and Joyce Kinkead v. Carol Ann Kinkead Spillers and Jeannine Lea Kinkead Mathis, and Boatmen's National Bank of Arkansas98-61801/14/99
Yitzhak Abba Marta v. State of ArkansasCR98-10501/14/99
William Wesley Skiver v. State of ArkansasCR96-52-7,
Bruce Earl Ward v. State of Arkansas98-952,
Kingrale Collins v. State of ArkansasCR98-56301/14/99
Pat Glover et al. v. Dean Overstreet et al.98-1601/07/99
Ronnie Furman v. Second Injury Fund, on Petition for Review98-69201/07/99
Richard A. Weiss, Director, Department of Finance and Administration v. Chem-Fab Corporation98-8201/07/99
C. Thomas Pearson, Jr. v. Joseph R. Henrickson and Mary Ann Henrickson98-91801/07/99
Rick Smith v. City of Arkadelphia98-8701/07/99
Herbert Brown d/b/a Lavaca Heating & Electric, Inc. v. Arkansas State Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) Licensing Board98-98401/07/99

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