Alabama Court of Appeals - Civil Decisions 2009

Case Docket Date
Ex parte Laura Wilson. PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS (In re: Madison County Board of Education v. Laura Wilson)208081112/30/09
L. H. v. Lee County Department of Human Resources208081812/30/09
Rebecca R. Grelier v. Maximilian J. Grelier III206081012/30/09
Birmingham City Board of Education v. Carla Hawkins208078412/18/09
Jimmie Holden v. Edwards Specialties, Inc.208094712/18/09
C.D.K.S. v. K.W.K.207111512/18/09
A.B. v. J.B.208007812/18/09
Clint Folsom v. Stagg Run Development, LLC, et al.206112612/18/09
Montgomery County Board of Education v. Cedrick Webb207043612/18/09
State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, as subrogee of JC Propeller Service; and JC Propeller Service v. Aretha Smith208105412/11/09
Ex parte R.W. and D.W. PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS (In re: In the matter of K.L., a minor) (Bessemer Juvenile Court: JU-06-700480 and JU-08-700841)208103312/11/09
Aretha M. Jones v. Bettye Shannon208104212/11/09
T.E. v. T.H.208082312/11/09
Leotis Williams v. Tiffany Williams208102612/11/09
Tracy Rene Logan v. Ronald Keith Logan208064912/11/09
Alabama Department of Public Safety v. Brian Alston208068212/11/09
Norma Hines, Tiffany Hines, and Teiona Hines v. Gloria Enis, as executrix of the estate of Jimmy Ray Enis Appeal Dismissed In Part; Judgment As To Personal-Property Exemption Reversed; and Case Remanded.208073712/11/09
M.D.C. v. K.D.207046512/11/09
Tuscaloosa Chevrolet, Inc. v. Shirley Guyton208059012/11/09
Anthony Wayne Dunn v. Cynthia A. Dunn208086512/04/09
Kim Gallegly Wesson v. Wal-Mart Stores East, L.P., and Kyle Jack208095912/04/09
Luis Enriquez v. Kokomo Properties, LLC208068712/04/09
Bobby D. Lucky v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as trustee of Ameriquest Mortgage Securities, Inc., Asset Backed Pass-Through Certificates, Quest Trust Series 2006-X1 under the Pooling & Servicing Agreement Dated as of March 1, 2006, without Recourse208083612/04/09
Nancy H. Giardina v. Stewart H. Giardina208059412/04/09
M.H. v. H.N.M.208068612/04/09
Central Alabama Community College and C.I.T.Y. Skills Training Consortium v. Hodtric C. Robinson et al.208047512/04/09
Katrenia Thompson v. Wachovia Bank, National Association208057812/04/09
Stephany Kizer-Byers v. John P. Byers207100312/04/09
Vilma G. Romer v. John H. Romer (Appeal from Madison Circuit Court: DR-06-1129)208035312/04/09
Patrick Watson, as the administrator of the estate of Ted Watson v. Gina Bowden208069711/25/09
State of Alabama v. Thanh Nguyen et al.208082011/20/09
J.F.S. III v. Mobile County Department of Human Resources208077411/20/09
Terry Hutchenson v. Joseph C. Daniel208061611/20/09
C & D Logging v. Willie Mobley208065911/20/09
Romaine Samples Scott III v. Catherine Grace Scott208042011/20/09
Harold Bernard Powe v. Corrine Powe208055711/20/09
Y. N. v. Jefferson County Department of Human Resources208069211/13/09
Ex parte Varonika Hamilton. PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS (In re: Varonika Hamilton v. State Department of Postsecondary Education and Chattahoochee Valley Community College)208058911/13/09
R.J.G. v. S.S.W.208050911/06/09
R. L. M. S. v. Etowah County Department of Human Resources (Appeal from Etowah Juvenile Court: JU-06-73.03 and JU-07-283.03)208089211/06/09
David Young and Debbie Young v. Kathy Ledford208047311/06/09
Karen M. Taylor v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Inc.208045911/06/09
Joe Zegarelli v. Montevallo Planning and Zoning Commission208047011/06/09
Joe Fenison v. Birmingham Spring Service, Inc., et al. (Appeal from Jefferson Circuit Court: CV-04-3927)208002311/06/09
Boyd James Landry v. Angela O. Landry (Appeal from Autauga Circuit Court: DR-06-65.02)208017111/06/09
2080369 L. T. v. W.L. and T.L.208036911/06/09
Joni O' Shields Sims v. Edward Lee Sims207069711/06/09
Progressive Specialty Insurance Company v. Mildred Kyle208063810/30/09
A. S. T. v. Etowah County Department of Human Resources208081610/30/09
M. M. v. D. P. and C. P.208059210/30/09
Percy Marsh v. Heather Marsh Smith208047910/30/09
Herring-Malbis I, LLC, Eastern Shore Centre I, LLC, and Eastern Shore Centre II, LLC v. TEMCO, Inc.208029610/30/09
Clark Daniel Montgomery v. Cynthia C. Montgomery208040010/30/09
Dickson Campers, Inc. v. City of Mobile205087510/30/09
Deborah Ford v. Stringfellow Memorial Hospital, Willie Stokes, M.D., and Millennium Health Clinic, P.C.208056710/23/09
State Department of Human Resources, on behalf of J.A.S. v. A. G.208079010/23/09
LVNV Funding, LLC v. Tammie Lynn (Moncries) Boyles208044210/23/09
Noland Wilson et al. v. Horace E. Berry and Carolyn C. Berry208061510/16/09
Ex parte Marcy Bradshaw Darnall III et al. PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS (In re: Marcy Bradshaw Darnall III et al. v. James Hughes, Jr., et al.)208085710/16/09
Steward Machine Company, Inc. v. Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama, for its division University of Alabama Hospital208021510/16/09
Carolyn Williams v. Valley View Health and Rehabilitation, LLC208039910/16/09
Alisia Denese Rose v. Eric Jackson207105710/16/09
M.R.J. v. D.R.B.208076410/09/09
A.C. v. C.C.208062510/09/09
H. J. T. v. State of Alabama ex rel. M.S.M.208059510/09/09
Marilyn Kaye Downs and Gary Dudley v. Cecilia Lyles and John Burke208059910/09/09
General Electric Company v. Mary Ann Baggett, as surviving dependent spouse of Charles Baggett208032410/09/09
Bishop State Community College v. Angelo Archible207037910/09/09
University of South Alabama Hospitals v. Angela Blackmon208032210/09/09
Alabama Department of Public Safety v. Leon Albert Prince208086610/02/09
Jeffery Dale Wood v. Susan Alline Wood208040410/02/09
Steam & Process Repairs v. Michael V. Cayton208052910/02/09
Montgomery County Department of Human Resources v. W. J.208035010/02/09
Christopher Klinger v. Sean Ros and Al Ros208028510/02/09
Mark Armstrong v. Mazda Motor of America, Inc., d/b/a Mazda North American Operations207115710/02/09
Christopher Myers v. Jeffery Keith Harris and Progressive Specialty Insurance Company208049709/25/09
P. D. S. v. Marshall County Department of Human Resources208050709/25/09
Ronald Sutton v. Troy King, Attorney General, et al.208071809/25/09
Robert Wilson v. C-Sharpe Company, LLC; Dobson Sheet Metal & Roofing, Inc.; and Duro-Last, Inc.208046009/25/09
Danny Lambert v. Mazer Discount Home Centers, Inc.208049109/25/09
Michael Joe Green, Aletha Reynolds, and Johnny James Brown v. City of Montgomery (Appeal from Montgomery Circuit Court: CV-06-3237) Application For Rehearing Overruled.208004809/25/09
The Alabama Board of Examiners in Psychology v. Leroy Richardson, Psy.D208033809/25/09
Farrell Bedsole v. Dr. Millard H. McWhorter (Appeal from Covington Circuit Court: CV-07-11)2080483,
Farrell Bedsole v. Sheriff Anthony Clark and Jerry Edgar (Appeal from Covington Circuit Court: CV-07-11)2080483,
Marlanna B. Powell v. James Powell208051809/18/09
DeShazo Crane Company, LLC v. James L. Harris207083809/18/09
Deidra N. Crum v. LaSalle Bank, N. A.208011009/18/09
Philip Owens v. Gloria Ann Owens and Betty Thomas208067409/11/09
Alabama State Employees Association v. Richard B. Sanks208056209/11/09
Steve Palmer v. Larry G. Browning208052209/11/09
Barbara Cantrell v. Tyson Holland208049409/11/09
Etinosa Edosomwan, a minor, by and through his mother and next friend, Betty Edosomwan v. A. B. C. Daycare and Kindergarten, Inc.208046509/11/09
Elizabeth Day Sanders v. C. Shane Sanders208037809/11/09
Caleb Silbernagel, by and through his father and next friend Sean Silbernagel v. Maranatha Baptist Church, Inc.208031309/11/09
Wayne Gatlin v. Marvin Joiner et al.208061109/04/09
S. T. W. v. Franklin County Department of Human Resources208046109/04/09
KLW Enterprises, Inc. v. West Alabama Commercial Industries, Inc.208056309/04/09
Kilgore Development, Inc. v. Woodland Place, LLC208033009/04/09
Annie O. Cannon v. Utility Board of the City of Tuskegee208039709/04/09
Wehadkee Yarn Mills v. Deborah Harris208028109/04/09
Richard Presley and Joy Presley v. B.I.C. Construction, Inc., Brandon Grant, and Michael Roberts208028609/04/09
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Inc. v. Bobby Long207120809/04/09
Cynthia J. Corwin (Martin) v. Rocky V. Corwin208039408/28/09
M. S. v. Alabama Department of Human Resources208054008/28/09
Tiffany Nicole Wood v. Johnny L. Wood208021208/28/09
Bridget T. Hartley v. Curtis C. Hartley208024008/28/09
Diane E. Johnson v. Jodi Halagan, as personal representative of the estate of Clarence L. Johnson, deceased208013008/28/09
Joseph Grace v. Standard Furniture Manufacturing Company, Inc.208020108/28/09
Fort James Holding Company, Inc., d/b/a Georgia Pacific v. Cheryl D. Morgan207120108/28/09
K. W. N. v. S. A. M.207116308/28/09
Ronnie Joe Weeks and Sally Patterson v. Warren C. Herlong208029008/21/09
Alexander J. Saad et al. v. Gregory B. Saad and Jamie Saad208032108/21/09
Louis B. Hanks, Margaret C. Hanks, and Tommy F. Clement v. Billy Mack Spann208021108/21/09
Derrik Nelms v. Hillside Village Apartments d/b/a Hale Properties, et al.208037108/14/09
Ex parte S.C. PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS (In re: S.C. v. C.C.)208041908/14/09
Accent Realty, Inc., d/b/a Century 21 Steele & Associates v. Timothy S. Snopl208022908/14/09
Al Joseph Felder, Sr. v. Richard Allen, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Corrections, et al.208032608/14/09
M. B. and E. B. v. S. B.208046408/07/09
A. M. v. J. S.207121308/07/09
K-Mart, Inc., and Certegy Check Services, Inc. v. James T. Stewart and Jane Stewart208027208/07/09
R.D.B. v. A.C., C.B.C., D.A.C., and S.C.208022107/31/09
E. R. W. v. M. W. M.208043107/31/09
Dennis E. Blasdel v. Jennifer L. Blasdel207105507/31/09
SouthernCare, Inc. v. Margaret Cowart207111707/31/09
L. S. v. Shelby County Department of Human Resources208040707/24/09
J. J. and W. J. v. J. B. and J. B.208041107/24/09
Nellie M. Dunn v. Sharon McCall Williams and Anthony G. Williams208019007/24/09
Willie Jones v. Ray Ruth208024907/24/09
A.W. v. K.L.W., Jr.208010707/24/09
Delilia Edwards v. George Edwards208012507/24/09
Norman Leon Guthery v. Juana Jean Persall and Donna Persall Garden208017907/24/09
Alacare Home Health Services, Inc. v. Alabama State Health Planning and Development Agency and the Certificate of Need Review Board208004907/24/09
South Alabama Skills Training Consortium, Central Alabama Skills Training Consortium, and North Alabama Skills Training Consortium v. Roberta Ford et al.208006807/24/09
Jimmy Neil Rhodes v. Barbara Cameron Rhodes207097207/24/09
S.J.R. v. F.M.R.207102007/24/09
George G. Spottswood and Amy H. Spottswood v. Henry E. Reimer, Sr., et al. Appeal--Affirmed In Part; Reversed In Part; And Remanded. Cross-Appeal--Affirmed.207118007/24/09
Randell L. Dickson v. Emily Vandiver Dickson205094507/24/09
Willie James Cockrell v. Jo Ann W. Cockrell207079307/24/09
Timothy Charles Barnes v. Brenda Bonham Barnes208027807/17/09
National Association of Letter Carriers v. Alabama Central Credit Union208009607/17/09
Shannon Whitehurst Holt v. Ronald A. Whitehurst208013107/17/09
Nollie Dees et al. v. Linda Coaker et al.208013507/17/09
Angela Rene Alverson v. Benny Wayne Alverson208003507/17/09
A. E. C. v. J. R. M., Jr., and J. A. M.208006507/17/09
Stanley Bowen v. Kathy D. Bowen207098307/17/09
Lorenza Bedgood v. Ecelia McConico and David Bedgood208006007/10/09
Palisades Collection, LLC v. Bryan J. Delaney207053207/10/09
Geneva Rodgers, as mother and legal guardian of Brittany Rodgers v. Rhonda Turberville208044907/02/09
D. P. v. Limestone County Department of Human Resources208054407/02/09
B. J. K. A. v. Cleburne County Department of Human Resources (Appeal from Cleburne Juvenile Court: JU-03-86)208031407/02/09
Mark W. Stemler v. Heather Stemler208002107/02/09
Christopher Scott Miller, Mary J. Miller, Gary Anderson, and Patricia Anderson v. Miller's Landing, L.L.C., Christopher Miller, James A. Robeson, and J. Ryan Conner208003307/02/09
Jennifer Dyas Reed v. Matthew Dyas207121107/02/09
Ralph Eustace and Martha Haislip v. Sandra Browning, as personal representative of the estate of Eula Cleo Eustace Styles, deceased207123407/02/09
Shirley P. Hale v. Kroger Limited Partnership I207123707/02/09
Robert Jeffrey Redden v. Marnie Lane Redden207093607/02/09
Frederick Brent Miller v. Karen Tade Miller207114907/02/09
Dollar General Corporation v. Patricia R. Nelson207088907/02/09
K. W. N. v. H. G. T. (Appeal from Cullman Juvenile Court: CS-00-56.01, CS-00-56.02, and CS-00-56.03)207116206/26/09
Mary Gooden v. Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners of the City of Mobile d/b/a Mobile Area Water and Sewer System208043306/26/09
Gordon, Dana, Still, Knight & Gilmore, LLC, as successor to Gordon & Associates, LLC v. Jefferson County207102806/26/09
KGS Steel, Inc. v. Donald McInish204052606/26/09
Edward L. Stone v. Marcia W. Stone207086106/26/09
Linda Pike v. Brenda Reed208038606/19/09
Cheryl Hickel Smith v. Lex Burr Smith208038706/19/09
Juanita Williams Trimble v. William Trimble208015006/19/09
M. G. v. Etowah County Department of Human Resources208021706/19/09
Garry Lee Parker, Jr. v. Lorie Jane Parker207122606/19/09
Christopher S. Hatch v. NTW Incorporated d/b/a National Tire and Battery Company208002906/19/09
Doris L. Henning v. Terry L. Henning207119206/19/09
Mary Simmons, Dytisha Goodgame, and Sheila Whetstone-Tuck v. Coosa County Board of Education and Todd Wingard, as superintendent of the Coosa County Board of Education207113506/19/09
Barbara Ann Stone v. Scott E. Stone, Jr.207115806/19/09
James McConico, Jr. v. Correctional Medical Services, Inc. (Appeal from Escambia Circuit Court: CV-00-443)207100106/19/09
Daniel Richard Smith v. Robbie Gaston208000506/12/09
Howard S. Ross v. Jerry Rogers and Robbie Rogers208024806/12/09
Willie M. Rose and Robert W. Rose Sr. v. Safeway Insurance Company of Alabama, Inc.207062506/12/09
Matthew's Masonry Company v. Edward Aldridge, Jr.208036106/05/09
Kristie Dawn Stocks v. Betty Stocks, Deborah S. Oswalt, and Michael L. Oswalt208013306/05/09
Eight Mile Auto Sales, Inc. v. Vincent Leon Fair208025706/05/09
Donnie Laney v. John Edward Garmon207123306/05/09
Marcy Hamlet Baker v. Anthony Jacob Baker208004706/05/09
Thomas K. Wu v. Mi Cah Wu207112506/05/09
Jeremy Ray Cunningham v. Roxanne Rodarte Edwards207121406/05/09
Joyce Robinson, individually and as the personal representative of the estate of Roosevelt Robinson, deceased v. Baptist Health System, Inc.207117205/29/09
Stella Shamburger v. Diane Lambert208021805/29/09
Weaver Hawkins III v. LaSalle Bank, National Association207078705/29/09
NHS Management, LLC et al. v. Peter Wright, as administrator of the estate of Viola Jenkins207112905/29/09
Irilmoskomazzarella Washington v. Anita Washington207071805/29/09
Ex parte G. L. PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS (In re: In the matter of H. C. L., a minor child)208026005/22/09
Anne Johnson et al. v. Roosevelt Johnson207118205/22/09
Sherry L. Gilbreath and Raymond W. Gilbreath v. Charlotte Harbour and Richard Earl Harbour207124205/22/09
Susan T. Fielding v. Johnny M. Fielding (Appeal from Etowah Circuit Court: DR-96-956.01)207107205/22/09
Lori Hood v. Scott Hood207107005/15/09
Steven Barnes and Helene Barnes v. HMB, LLC, d/b/a Stow-A-Way Storage, and Gene L. Hughes207124105/15/09
Greater Washington Park Neighborhood Association v. Board of Adjustment of the City of Montgomery and Friendship Mission Church208033605/15/09
David Carroll v. LJC Defense Contracting, Inc., and Laura Johnston Clark207099305/15/09
Roberto Pischek et al. v. Baldwin Youth Services, Inc., and the Board of Adjustment of the Town of Silverhill Affirmed.207103305/15/09
David G. Clark v. Michelle C. Clark207026405/15/09
John S. Capone, Jr. v. Beverly A. Capone208014705/08/09
D. P. v. Madison County Department of Human Resources208024305/08/09
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Marilyn Orr207118605/08/09
Johnnie Marie McGugin v. Larry Edwin McGugin207118805/08/09
Henry Dan Walding v. Emma Carol Walding208005405/08/09
Chivers Richard Woodruff, Jr. v. Julia Mariani Woodruff207060205/08/09
Ex parte Sunbelt Transport, Inc., and Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc. PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS (In re: Randall Paul v. Sunbelt Transport, Inc., and Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc.)207111005/08/09
J. K. v. N. J. and Jefferson County Department of Human Resources208019905/01/09
Ethel M. Lee v. Carol M. Lee Oliver, Cassandra M. Lee, and Cynthia Lee Bush207122905/01/09
J. L. Butler, Sr., and J. L. Butler, Jr. v. MaxiStorage, Inc., Dewey Brazelton, and Brazelton Properties, Inc.207115405/01/09
Oden Music, Inc., f/k/a JDO, Inc., and Jason D. Oden v. Deborah Stowe207113805/01/09
Vitaly Morgungenko and Lana Morgungenko v. Dwayne's Body Shop207108005/01/09
Bishop State Community College v. Henry R. Douglas207109705/01/09
Jamie Shree Melvin v. Jimmie Wayne Loats207092205/01/09
Colony Insurance Company v. Alabama Heat Exchangers, Inc., and Olin Corporation207103705/01/09
J. Bryant, LLC v. City of Birmingham207055305/01/09
Willie C. Flowers and Mary J. Flowers v. Eleanor Tyler Dean207034405/01/09
A. J. Brown v. Emily Brown208001804/24/09
Daniel Cooper v. Malvester Cooper208021004/24/09
Francis Powell Enterprises, Inc. v. Charles Andrews207090704/24/09
Larry Proctor v. Classic Automotive, Inc.207109204/24/09
T. G. v. Houston County Department of Human Resources207084104/24/09
Andrea E. Adams v. Donnie M. Adams207089504/24/09
Warren J. Tyson v. Tammy A. Tyson207055704/24/09
Randy Campbell v. Sherri Lynn Campbell207072404/24/09
Abernant Fire Department v. James L. Rhodes, Jr., and Pamela Rhodes207051604/24/09
T. B. v. T. H. and S. H.207100904/17/09
Shester Sullivan v. City of Satsuma207104204/17/09
B. W. T. v. Haynes & Haynes, P.C.207123504/17/09
Robert Earl Routzong v. Marisa Lynne Routzong Baker207098704/17/09
David Ray Coley and Sandra D. Coley v. Billy Fain, Alice F. Fain, and Nancy Miller207100204/17/09
Lana T. Brown v. Patsy Patton d/b/a Korner Store207081004/17/09
R. Scott Ricks v. Riddle Equipment, Inc.207090304/17/09
Arthur Haynes v. Ron Coleman207095904/10/09
Patricia M. Dulaney v. Larry D. Dulaney208005204/10/09
Shirley Cotten v. St. Bernard Preparatory School208029104/10/09
Leslie Mason v. Missy Wilson208019404/03/09
Larry Franklin Beverly v. Helen Patricia S. Beverly207108504/03/09
C. S. B. v. State Department of Human Resources207112004/03/09
Lisa Puckett Steward v. William Don Steward207044504/03/09
Anthony Rogers v. Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P., and Terry Wallace207091504/03/09
Carol Mahoney v. Loma Alta Property Owners Association, Inc.208019203/27/09
Jacqueline S. Campton v. Frederick Lynn Miller208018203/27/09
Mark Allbritton and Kristie Allbritton v. Robert Dawkins, Jr.208006303/27/09
Kevin Lee Galloway v. Ozark Striping, Inc., and Alabama Barricade, Inc.208013703/27/09
Timothy Burleson v. Vicki A. Burleson207121803/27/09
Otis L. Johnson v. Metro Land Company, L.L.C., and Gerald Prosch207092803/27/09
Beverly Renee Shewbart v. John Michael Shewbart207110203/27/09
J. W. K. v. Marshall County Department of Human Resources207119503/20/09
Mandy Nicole Cleveland v. Darrell Adam Cleveland207111603/20/09
June Dennis v. Still Waters Residential Association, Inc.207106403/20/09
Steven M. Stanford v. Kelly G. Stanford207060503/20/09
John Duff Wright v. Allison Richardson Wright207050903/20/09
Richard M. Crum et al. v. Johns Manville, Inc., et al.207086903/13/09
S.D.P., as guardian ad litem for N.J.S., a minor v. U. R. S. and B. S. T.207097703/13/09
Terry Lane Belcher v. Andrea Scoggins Belcher207061303/13/09
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company v. Greenway Enterprises, Inc.207039303/13/09
K. S. v. H. S.207103403/06/09
W. C. R. v. D. A. L. and D. L.207116703/06/09
Tammy Renee Brown v. Jeffrey Mark Brown207095303/06/09
R. T. B. v. Calhoun County Department of Human Resources207091903/06/09
Scott Hurst and Sheryl Diller v. Eagles Landing IV, Ltd.207089203/06/09
Waters Brothers Contractors, Inc. v. George Wimberley207087103/06/09
Louis Frank Hollander, Jr. v. Vickie L. Barnes207062703/06/09
Phillip Limbaugh Lackey v. Lisa Faye Lackey207060303/06/09
Susan D. Hall Raybon v. Malcolm J. Hall207111902/27/09
DeWayne Woods v. Federated Mutual Insurance Co. (Appeal from Dallas Circuit Court: CV-07-181) (Consolidated with 2070872.) Appeal Dismissed. DeWayne Woods v. Plumbing Contractors, LLC, and Timothy M. Sims (Appeal from Dallas Circuit Court: CV-07-132)207086702/27/09
Rheem Manufacturing Company v. Alabama Department of Revenue207079202/27/09
David A. Green v. Teresa Green207078902/27/09
Christopher Ray Holmes v. Kimberly Darlene Holmes207062302/27/09
Jason E. Magee v. Donyale Williams and Roney Williams207077902/27/09
Jerry C. Kellis v. Estate of Betty K. Schnatz and Petie Schnatz, executor of the estate of Betty K. Schnatz207056502/27/09
M. R. J. v. D. R. B.207048702/27/09
George Horton and Louise Horton v. Venita K. Perkins208017502/20/09
Veleta Williams and Williams Group Homes, Inc. v. Paula Hill and Hill's Group Home, Inc.207108302/20/09
Daryl Gardner and Dwight DeRamus v. State of Alabama207083402/20/09
Hutch Hammond v. Terry Lovvorn and Sherry Lovvorn207074902/20/09
Water and Wastewater Board of the City of Madison v. City of Athens207076402/20/09
Norandal U.S.A., Inc. v. Welton Graben206107002/20/09
Debbie Whorton v. D. L. Bruce, individually and d/b/a Bruce Carpets207050102/20/09
J. M. v. C. M.207122302/13/09
Rachel McCoy Hayes v. Justin Steve Hayes (Appeal from Etowah Circuit Court:DR-07-827)207110102/13/09
George Watson v. Whittington Real Estate, LLC, et al.207084602/13/09
Lisa Schlarb v. Davis Lee and Danny Yancey207073002/13/09
Jerald Everett Atkins v. State of Alabama207073502/13/09
Robert L. Milloy v. H. H. Woods and Woods & Sons Construction207051402/13/09
Reynalda Alanis Duran et al. v. Goff Group207076302/06/09
Ex parte Tim Russell, acting commissioner, Alabama Department of Revenue. PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS (In re: Christina Meyers, individually and as representative of the Plaintiffs' class v. Tim Russell, acting commissioner, Alabama Department of Revenue; Kay Ivey, treasurer for the State of Alabama; and Jefferson County Board of Equalization)207076502/06/09
Fluor Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Fluor Signature Services v. Darrell Lawshe207071502/06/09
Susan Smith Odom v. Shane Smith207075802/06/09
State Department of Human Resources v. Samantha Lott207067802/06/09
Darius Moore v. Larry Welch, Sid Sewell, and Frank James207070902/06/09
Regions Bank, as trustee of the J. F. B. Lowrey Trust v. Jerold Dean207044102/06/09
Ruth Brogden and Dorothy Timothy v. Travis D. Durkee and April Durkee207026502/06/09
C. E. W. v. P. J. G.207093402/02/09
Darryhl Chad Barnette d/b/a Warrior Wholesale Homes v. Henry Robertson207068902/02/09
Linda Gail Colburn v. Raymond Earl Colburn207074302/02/09
B. V. and D. V. v. Macon County Department of Human Resources207078502/02/09
David Clemons v. State of Alabama207065302/02/09
Bishop State Community College v. David L. Thomas207066002/02/09
Kathy Judge v. Timothy Judge207048202/02/09
Randy George v. Jacqueline George207022402/02/09
Ex parte Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. PETITION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI (In re: Jefferson County Sheriff's Department v. Felicia Y. Daniels)207063401/23/09
Elinor Glynn LaConsay and Joseph Wetzel v. Michael Langley207099901/23/09
Ex parte Massey Chevrolet, Inc. PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS (In re:Travis C. Aderhold v. Massey Chevrolet, Inc.) (Mobile Circuit Court:CV-05-3116.51) Petition/Writ Denied.207108201/23/09
Dolgencorp, Inc. v. Barbara Ann Gibson205033501/23/09
Mickie L. Hamilton v. Horace Randall Hamilton207112601/16/09
Jesse Earl Long, Jr. and Bettye Long v. City of Athens207084801/16/09
J. A. v. Etowah County Department of Human Resources207077101/16/09
Drew D. Rhodes v. Janette Fulmer207066401/16/09
Betty G. Eldridge v. Rebecca Eldridge and Martin Eldridge, in their capacities as co-executors of the estate of Robert L. Eldridge207068401/16/09
Hope Annette Stephens and Jason Dean Kitchens, co-personal representatives of the estates of Ronald Kitchens and Charmaine A. Kitchens v. Thomas Huie and Gail Huie207114401/09/09
A. M. B. v. J. M. S.207078301/09/09
Ex parte C. J. A. PETITION FOR WRIT OF MANDAMUS (In re: In the matter of E. C. H., a minor)207099401/09/09
Larry Wade Ryland v. Gwendolyn Pauline Ryland207014601/09/09
M. B. and E. B. v. S.B.2070110501/09/09

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