Justia Annotations

Justia provides a community platform for licensed attorneys to annotate federal and state case law. Our aim is to improve the readability and usefulness of US cases to consumers and legal practitioners alike. Annotations may include information such as the primary holding, factual and procedural histories, whether there are concurring or dissenting opinions, general commentary, and more.

Getting Started

In order to contribute to Justia Annotations, you must claim your profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory by clicking on "Claim and Update your profile" which is found on the top right-hand corner of your profile page (http://lawyers.justia.com). If you do not have a profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory, you may create one by creating an account here.

Once you have claimed your profile, you will be able to annotate any federal or state appellate case. If you have a specific case in mind that you want to annotate, search or browse for the case at http://law.justia.com.

If you have already claimed your profile and are still unable to annotate, please first try logging out of your Justia account and logging back in. If that does not resolve the issue, please contact us.

Tips for Annotating

The most important annotations are the Primary Holding and the Case Commentary. While some people may opt to annotate all fields before moving on to the next case, others might want to only partially annotate a case. Either is fine, but we do recommend filling out at least the Primary Holding and the Case Commentary fields.

Please do not copy/paste from the case, the Justia case summary, or the court-provided syllabus. It is most helpful to others if the annotations uniquely restate –in different words– what the court has said. Our moderators will remove annotations that repeat large passages verbatim.

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